Gamers Kingdoms:


This is THE platform that aims to unite all console and pc players in the world, to create the largest community. of gamers and video game enthusiasts on one site.


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First of all, start with filling in Game Page with your avatar or photo and, important tone PSEUDO GAMER (ps4, Xbox, Nintendo, PC online), It's also possible to create a page for your team and a viewer page for video game enthusiasts.


Record on your profile / biography, the games you play with your trophies online picture, (you will be able to post game sessions and other videos related to video games. os) and everything you want us to know about you.


This is Gamers Kingdoms you will be able to find Gamers, that you know, gamers that you have crossed. on an online game (and you want to see again), and see the profile of the gamer with whom you are playing online!


Gamers Kingdoms it's also a player challenge: Show that you're the best in discovering other players of any level on any video game!


Challenges players will create a new own statistic; Gamers Kingdoms , to increase your stats collects victories.


The more you win, the more you become a star on the site, watching by all users.


When a disappointment is accepted. and that you have agreed on the YouTube or Twitch broadcast channel, date and time, if you would prefer to get in before the showdown! (pay attention to the time difference if you have a player from another country)
        This will be diffuse on the common page and can be watched by everyone (with tutorial).


Throws raids on street fighter, deadly dragon ball fight, box game, football game, basket ball, car race, just dance, etc ....


Team Fights On Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, FORTNITE and other games in coop / CONFRONTATION, V.S .... (sessions in direct on the common page)


We will also show on this page the best sessions of some games.


On the common page, there are 2 profile rankings, 'KING', and the other is the top of all players. (see FAQ)


On this same page a space is dedicated. news; players, the opportunity for you to collect visitors to your game page (where you can post videos YouTube / twitch, video game and video games J.V.)


You can also find teams, crews, bands, with their stats / videos and ask for them. join their team.


You can pass announcements to recruit players to enter your team, your team of football, call of duty, crew, gang .... (Who will be able to go on your page and see your statistics to make their opinion)


Thank you for helping GamersKingdoms group all the video game players, share this site all Gamers and JV enthusiasts you know!


Now you play!