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Be respectful of each other, not insults or other mischief in chats or private messages.


Broadcast content exclusively related to JV! (sessions, live video games, video news, shows / events JV .... Nothing other than video game.)


Explanations for making a challenge and counting points:


        Players have the opportunity to refuse a deposit, unless they are KING. On the other hand, they have the right to refuse revenge.


Processes to launch a holiday.


- send a message to the player for the request challenges. (by preferring the game, console, number of games ..)


- wait for his answer.


- if he agrees:
         . to see together if it is for now, you can launch the live of your departure in 2 clicks.


or 1 other day by preferring the date and time (world time site)


. Make a request from your console or PC friends (where the importance of the Gamer Nickname is written)


1 of the two players (or both) posts a news & oacute; to announce the announcement, which will also be relayed by the site administrator.


- D day clicks on fi & fi the player inserts in the 'content' part the link of the live video (YouTube or twitch) launch your console or PC.


And it's gone!


Important FOR VALIDATION OF challenges


Explanations of GAMERSKINGDOMS Breakpoint Point Count Refinement followed:


No matter how many games you play, winNER and lost, at the end of the accounts whoever has won most, will note on his profile 1 challenge win


Example: 2 players face each other & agrave; 4-game fifa, the player who won & oacute; 3 games will have 1 victory won.


Same for fighting games, for example mortal Kombat: that you're defying yourself. on 3/6 or 9 rouds, whoever will have won oacute; most will have 1 reward of winning.


Ditto racing game, basketball game ......


For games like Call of Duty League, Fortnite, Apex ... games with no possibilit & oacute; of private game confrontation of Team, 1 VS 1, stream on the common page or your page and ins re the unmatched catch of the results.


To post a live session, insert the video link into the content frame.


Do not forget to copy / paste the links of your Gamerskingdoms video games on your Game page so that everyone who goes through it will find it. can live or relive your exploits!